Yolanda Neely

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Yolanda Q-Tip for Today!

Yolanda Neely

Radio Personality - Program Director – Voice Over talent

Yolanda Neely, with her NYC roots… and Miami flair has impacted many listeners over the years. As a veteran radio-personality, with almost 30 years under her belt, Yolanda continues to strive for NEW and unlimited ways to pursue her passion to make your day brighter thru the magic of real radio!

Her cool, inseparable, sultry voice and style has touched millions of listeners, PD’s, managers, and personalities. Breaking all sound barriers as she mic checks with other competitors, she has been a force to be reckoned with each day as a Radio personality, Program Director an applauded and valuable commodity in the communities, and to all companies that has taken her on.

Yolanda has worked in the following Markets!!Miami FL, Atlanta GA, Macon GA, Nashville TN, Orlando FL, Savannah GA, and Brunswick GA..

Buckle up and take your ride home from work with your girl Yolanda Neely...


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