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April 26, 2017

The Bottom Line: Match.com shares the most common lies people tell on dates.

Lots of people lie from time to time, especially on first dates. We’re not talking about creating a whole new identity kind of lies, but exaggerating about work or how much you’ve travelled, those sorts of white lies are pretty common. And people do it because they want the person they’re on a date with to see them in a better light, but the thing is, it’s not actually helping.

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor, those little lies don’t make a difference in how much your date ends up liking you. “Those who tell white lies are no more likely to get a second date; no more likely to have gone on a date in the last year; and no more likely to have had sex,” she explains.

That’s probably why Match’s Singles in America survey found that most singles say they don’t even bother telling those little lies when they’re dating. But that leaves 43% who do stretch the truth a little. And the biggest thing they fib about is … how many partners they’ve had.

So what other lies do people tend to tell on dates? These are the most common:

 Sexual history (19.2 %) Dating history (17.6 %) Finances (11.8 %) Where you live (9.9 %) Age (8.3 %) Interests/hobbies (8.1 %) Job (6.2 %) Having kids (2.6 %) Being divorced (2.1 %) 

Source: Elite Daily

Thought Starters:

 Has anyone ever lied about something over-the-top on a first date with you? How did you know? Did you call them out on it? What’s the biggest lie you’ve told on a date? Have you ever gotten caught up in a lie with someone you were dating? What happened? 


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