Brunswick House Fire, Family Rebuilding

   There are no words to this tragic event. The Reese family from Brunswick, GA lost their home on Friday, June 2, 2017 to a blazing house fire. As my co-worker and I were headed to lunch, we noticed a very alarming black cloud of smoke rising up into an overcast sky. Surely enough, the house fire made it on the news and all over social media. Unfortunately, their dog, 2 cats , and a kitten didn't survive and the house wasn't salvageable. There is fortunate news! Everything burned down except the Holy Bible which is the perfect example of how nothing can destroy God's words. 

   The Reese family is currently taking refuge at a friend's condo where they begin to rebuild. I have not reached out to the family as they are still shaken up and aren't ready to share their words with the community. However, as a community, we all should take initiative and help the Reese family out as much as we can, even as a simple prayer for them each day. A family friend helped the Reese family set up a GoFundMe account to help them rebuild. Please continue to pray for the Reese family.

CLICK here to assist the Reese family GoFundMe Page

The word of God survives the house fire.


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