Glynn Co: Cheddar's of Brunswick

   Hey it's AC. Anyone hungry yet? Cheddar's Brunswick will be opening soon and I'm excited! If you've never been to a Cheddar's, then you've missed out on some supper yummy food. This is a restaurant that has a wide variety on their menu. You know the saying, "Quality over Quantity", right? Well that philosophy doesn't apply here. Indeed, Cheddar's has A LOT of food items to choose from off their menu; however, every food item packs flavor given TLC to every creation. How do I know? Cause I've eaten almost every item on their menu. Minus a few foods I'm not a fan of..ha! When I lived in Atlanta, I ate at Cheddar's with my family and friends almost twice a week (minimum) cause it's just that darn good! I like to stay optimistic and I'm going to give the benefit of a doubt and assume that the Brunswick staff will be trained precisely to company standards and that the food will taste just as good as how I remembered back home. 

According to Cheddar's GA FB Page: "Our newest Cheddar's in Brunswick Georgia is getting very close to opening! We start training on Saturday and look forward to opening within the next two weeks. Can't wait to come to coastal Georgia with some delicious Cheddar's food!"

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