Yolanda's Q-TipThings To Ask When You Start Dating

When you’ve been dating someone for a month or so, you’ve already been over the all the first date questions and things are a little less awkward, but they’re still exciting and new. So now that you know you like this person enough to keep seeing them, it’s time to get a little more in-depth and personal. Here are some questions to help you avoid a bigger letdown later on.

When was your last relationship and why did it end? After a month of seeing someone, you should be comfortable enough to find the right moment to bring up the most recent relationship they’ve had to get some insight into it.

What are your political views? This isn’t always easy to approach, but even if you have totally different political views, you can still have a good time together. And if you find that your opinions lead to a relationship dealbreaker, better to find out early on, right?

How’s your relationship with your family? Knowing how someone gets along with their relatives can clue you in about how they treat people and how they handle conflict. This could also offer insight about their views on marriage and kids.

Are you seeing other people? This might sound intrusive, but after a month, don’t you think you should know if they’re dating other people right now or want to be?

Are you looking for something long-term? If you ARE interested in something that’s going to last, you should know if they’re not into exclusivity or open to a long-term relationship.

Source: Hello Giggles

Thought Starters:

 What questions would you add to this list? Did you ever decide you couldn’t date someone because of their political views? Are you open to talking about your ex's, family, and goals with people you’ve just started dating? 


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