Chick-Fil-A Says Goodbye To A Popular Menu Item

Chick-Fil-A announced information you may not agree with. The popular chicken chain of the south is retiring its chicken salad sandwich. You have until September 30th to enjoy this sandwich. Why would they do this as it's the south's southern picnic staple?

Chick-fil-A spokeswoman Leigh Jackson stated, “The decision to remove Chicken Salad from the menu was a difficult one. We know that many of our customers loved our Chicken Salad, but we have also heard from guests that they are looking for new tastes and fresh flavors on the menu in our restaurants.

On that note, the chicken chain is remaining faithful to it's loyal customers. The good folks at Chick-fil-A are providing the recipe on their website and handing out flyers at many locations. You can get the recipe yourself right HERE.


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