Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

   This Wednesday 1/31 is the full moon. Well....the super blue....super blue blood moon....actually the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. There's nothing blue about it, nor does it look bloody. If anything else, it'll look like a giant orange up in the sky during the lunar show. Why and where do these names come from? Well.... It's probably technical coming from scientists and if I did explain it to you, you will have forgotten what I would tell you. But don't feel bad, I will have forgotten what I would have told you as well. Haha. Better make some coffee and bring out the fleece blanket cause this celestial events takes place on Wednesday morning around 7am...... which is questionable as far as viewing this thing during the break of dawn. The moon will also appear 30 percent bigger since it's orbit is closest to Earth. 

Wanna know more? Let the scientists or at least the wannabes explain it HERE! 


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