The Groundhog Is a Liar!

   Did anyone wake up with sinus issues? Have you been sneezing? Eyes itchy and watery? Was your car YELLOW this morning?!?! The trees that surround us decided to spew pollen and here we are now in the mindset of more winter according to Punxsutawney Phil. Well, it certainly looks like his own shadow deceived him. Mother Nature pulled a fast on on him. Although, the Golden Isles seems to be it's own little country. Six more weeks of winter may be true elsewhere in the United States; however, Coastal Georgia is ready for the summer. As long as we keep getting 70 to 80 degree weather, the pollen will continue to come out. 

   Take this pollination as a warning! This stuff is what will make you sick affecting your lungs which could lead to respiratory infections. Bronchitis. Another Flu. Fevers. Colds. Etc! Summer colds are the worse and this yellow stuff could lead you to it if you don't take preventative measures. Stock up on Claritin-D! 


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