Thank You McGarvey's Wee Pub!!!

   Over the weekend many people who celebrated St. Patrick's Day had a taste of the Emerald Isle here in the Golden Isles! Only Kevin McGarvey of McGarvey's Wee Pub flawlessly pulled off the Irish traditional celebration with Corned Beef and Cabbage, Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips , and so much more along with green beer, stouts, and of course Guinness! St. Patrick's Day at Wee Pub South, North, and Jekyll Island were nothing short of success honoring an Irish holiday as big and equivalent to Christmas, New Years, and Halloween. In addition to their unforgettable food and drink options, 103Q and Wee Pub teamed up to give away door prizes and trips to Cancun and Mexico. Overall, it was a successful St. Patrick's Day! Thank you to Kevin McGarvey, Chuck Schaller, and the rest of the Wee Pub staff for making it enjoyable night for it's patrons, old and new. Till next year!


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