AC Visits Truett's Luau

   Over the Easter weekend "I had the pleasure" of visiting a rare Chick-fil-A establishment known as "Truett's Luau". Think of it as a Chick-fil-A with a Hawaiian twist. The building, the interior design, the employee uniforms, especially the FOOD all have a Hawaiian influence to make your visit a memorable one.

   I know you're curious.... what's on the menu? Well obviously Truett's Luau serves the sandwich the restaurant is famous for; the Chick-fil-A sandwich, of course there's grilled, and the infamous nuggets. Then you take a trip to Hawaii where your taste buds experience a whole lot of stimulation from menu items such as: Kalua Pork Plate which has shredded pork, jasmine rice, and Luau cole slaw. Teri Chicken marinaded with teriyaki glaze. Or how about the Citrus Chicken served with Pineapple Fried Rice and stir fry veggies? Truett's Luau get's seriously Hawaiian especially when they use ingredients like ginger, pineapple, ginger, King Hawaiian bread, shredded pork. Oh but that's not all! There are pork nachos, lettuce wraps, cheeseburgers, and seafood. Yes......I said cheeseburgers! If you like Chick-fil-A's waffle fries and sweet potatoes, then you'll crave the combination of both. Truett's Luau and their Sweet Potato Waffle Fries is one reason why I would move to Fayetteville.

   All the food items I just shared with you was just an inkling part of the menu. I didn't even begin to mention their Tacos and desserts; that's for you to research on! Yes, I'm hinting and suggesting you plan a weekend road trip. Truett's Luau is located in Fayetteville, GA. Only 5 hours northwest of Brunswick. Located 20 mins south of Atlanta. You may as well make it a weekend getaway since Fayetteville is also home to Pinewood Studios of Atlanta (where Marvel's Avengers, Ant-Man, etc, were all filmed.) and neighbor to Senoia where the Walking Dead is produced. It's a weekend full of fun. I highly recommend visiting this cute little town with plenty of things to do for families and visitors of all ages. Plus it's my hometown. Not that I'm biased or anything. Just stating the truth. Ha. 


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