35th Annual Magnolia Run

   EPGA aka Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia is back at it again with their Magnolia Run on it's 35th year. This event will help the EFGA which is trying to raise $200,000 for epilepsy awareness and advocacy. The Magnolia run is a 5K event scheduled or Saturday, August 18, 2018. 

   There are many stories to be told and heard but this foundation hits home as a dear friend of mine from high school deals with epilepsy on a daily basis. Her name is Kari Shaw. Regardless of her condition, she goes through life sharing her laughter, her love, her compassion, her kindness, her selflessness while swinging away at epilepsy. Kari walks her life not knowing if the next headache she has could trigger a seizure. One thing Kari does know, is that, she will NEVER stop fighting. Today, Kari and many others now fight together to educate and discover new resources that will treat and hopefully end epilepsy one day. To make that possible, Kari asks for your help and support. Please take a couple of minutes out of your day to read and browse EPGA's website, especially Kari's testimonial. She seeks your help, is very thankful, and truly blessed to have you take a moment to reflect. Click here to support Kari. 


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