AC's Adventures: GA Southern Game (10 Oct 2018)

   Hope you had a great weekend! I didn't know what to do with myself this past weekend not having any DJ gigs or radio events. Luckily, my friend Sarah came to the rescue by gracing me with her presence with GA Southern tickets. Of course I couldn't say no. It's been years since I attended a college football game. Plus it was GA Southern's homecoming game so I immediately knew there were shenanigans waiting for me. I had also participated in their tailgate party. Let's just say, I forgot I'm not 21 anymore. My body told me so. My knees and feet were screaming bloody murder at me but I told them to suck it up. Aside from the heat, the game was AH-mazingly fun! At the end of the night I learned that I was out of shape, the GA Southern crowd are warm, friendly, and inviting, and that they're in dispute with GA State claiming the abbreviation, "GSU". Overall, great experience, great weekend ESPECIALLY when the Eagles claim victory over Southern Alabama 48 - 13.


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