Skip Black Friday Mayhem

Brunswick GA I Old habits die hard. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. You get the idea.. These sayings only apply to those who will participate in traditional Black Friday madness. Have you not learned?!?! Black Friday is insane and a waste of life. It's 2018. Times have changed. Reason why everyone should just stay home is because:

1. Deals aren't usually as good as they are portrayed. Some cases, merchandise are marked up from it's suggested retail prices.

2. The same deals are found online. 

3. In addition, more deals, BETTER deals are offered later in the holiday season.

4. You get to sleep in.

5. You get to shop online in your PJ's.

6. There's FREE food in the kitchen!

As you can tell, 1 thru 3 are factual. 4 thru 6 are my personal opinion. Ha. 

In all seriousness though... You'll more likely overspend if you begin you holiday shopping on Black Friday. Keep in mind there is "Shop Local Saturday" and "Cyber Monday" to think about. Shop smart this year! Happy Holidays!


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