Play The “Elf” "Egg Nog" Drinking Game

If your holiday plans include watching the movie “Elf” for the 37th time, why not make it a little more interesting with the “Elf", "Egg Nog", drinking game? It’s really pretty simple, as drinking games usually are. Just get out a carton or two of "Egg Nog" or a couple "Cranberry Ginger Ale" and start the movie. Then follow these rules.

Drink anytime:

Buddy screams “Santa!” or “Elf!”You see the Arctic PuffinBuddy embarrasses his dad. Anyone sings Jovi looks really annoyed Buddy is mesmerized by something ordinary Papa Elf narrates the storyBuddy asks a question

Finish your drink when:

Buddy finishes a liter of sodaBuddy gets hurtThere’s a montageYou see maple syrup

Take a shot when:

You spot Mr. NarwhalThe “Christmas spirit” is mentioned

That’s all there is to it, but if you take a sip and finish what’s in your cup as directed, you’ll be "sugar higher" than Buddy in the mailroom. Cheers to that!


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