PSSST!!! Secret Father's Day info over here!

Sunday is Father's Day, but you already knew that...right?? Okay, if you forgot (or if you're letting your Procrastination Nation flag fly this Flag Day), it's not too late to make this a good one for your old man...just don't call him that to his face, 'kay? Dad's have feelings too.

Let's be honest. Unless he has SPECIFICALLY asked for one, dad doesn't want a tie for Father's Day. Or socks. Or underwear. C'mon people, be creative! Why not appeal to one of the things that makes dad "DAD." Go to the butcher shop & get him a slab of something to throw over some white hot charcoal. Dads love to grill. It's in our DNA, right up there next to bad puns and hollering "who's been messing with the thermostat??!?" Most of the time, burgers & dogs are okay, and steaks are good for special occasions, but one criminally overlooked grill item is the pork chop.

Now, I've got my own secret recipe for grilled pork chops (and Kali Kold will back me up on their awesomeness), but I don't think ya'll are quite ready for that yet. Let's just start with these recipes for you and dad to try this Sunday.

And yes, I said for YOU and your dad to try. All he really wants is to be able to spend some time with you. Trust me on this one. :)


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