Just In Case You Need Your Faith In Humanity Restored

Imgur is a quirky little website. It can be funny, infuriating, and sometimes down-right weird. REALLY weird. Just trust me on this one. It's full of inside jokes, a history of controversial online interactions, and giraffes (their official mascot. Just don't ask about the unofficial mascot. Again, trust me on this one...).

But every now and then, something comes up that takes the website to the next level. Or, in this case, someone.

Allow me to introduce you to the user known as MrPuckett. For more than 80 days, he pas posted 20 wholesome things - memes, photos, stories, etc. - because, as he puts it, "you deserve them." They can be heartwarming, inspirational, funny, or cute, but they're always wholesome, and they always make me feel better.

So if today is a rough day and your faith in humanity is shaken, click the link below and take a good long gander at the good that is still in the world...just don't blame me for the lack in productivity you're about to experience (even though you'll be better for it).

https://imgur.com/user/MrPuckett (desktop)

https://imgur.com/gallery/Y1bOufn (mobile)


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