Kids Try A Century of Expensive Foods

As a parent, I always enjoy the "kids try ______" genre of videos. Every now and then, however, I come across one that makes me wonder how different life could be if my kids were a little more adventurous. Don't get me wrong, my little geeklings are always up to a new movie/show/comic/trip/experience. They're fearless when it comes to most everything...except food. They redefine the parameters of "picky eaters." If the World Health Organization determined that chicken tenders and fries were destroying the ozone layer, they'd be at the front lines planting urban forests and protesting why there aren't carbon offset taxes on honey mustard yet.

In his defense, my son has gotten a little better as he approaches his teenage years. He usually gives about a 50/50 chance a trying something new at the dinner table...70/30 if it's me suggesting it instead of his "bonus" mom. I'm not sure if he's forgiven her yet for the bacon-wrapped asparagus incident ("how could you do that to that poor, innocent bacon??!?").

My daughter, on the other hand, is still a staunchly "meat & three" kind of long as the "meat" is fried and the "three" is a triple serving of potatoes...and much like her daddy, there is no such thing as "too much sour cream."

So if you and I are on the same culinary boat, enjoy this video of some cute kiddoes that are comparatively fearless when it comes to trying some of the high-end gourmet dishes of the last 100+ years.

And as the meme says, "bone apple teeth!"



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