Celebrate National Cousins Day Accurately With This Simple Chart

July 24th is National Cousins Day! They aren’t brothers and sisters, but often the bond is just as strong. Why? Our first friendships often form with cousins as young as infants – or at least when we’re little.

And whether cousins grow up together in close-knit families or only see each other occasionally, they share common memories through grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Of course, at family gatherings, For many of us, cousins are also the people who make family gatherings bearable! When siblings irritate, cousins become an ally. That’s why sometimes, cousins seem more like siblings, especially if they’re much younger than we are.

Do you ever get confused by all the different types of cousins? There are first cousins, first cousins once or twice removed, second cousins, second cousins once or twice removed, and on and on! Here’s a handy cousins tree graph showing all of the different relationships.

Source: Dr. Dave


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