Survey Reveals How Many People Don’t Change Underwear Every Day

I had an IT Director once that told me to "treat your passwords like your underwear; don't share them, don't let them be visible in public, and change them often."

It seems he needed to be a bit more specific on that last one.

According to a new survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by underwear company Tommy John, 45% of people admit they wear their underwear “two days or longer.”

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Even grosser, 13% say they wear underwear for a week or more, although men are 2-point-5 times more likely to do so than women.


And apparently a lot of people are holding on to their underwear for long periods of time. A separate Tommy John survey reveals that 46% of people have owned the same pair of underwear for at least a year, while 38% of people don’t actually know how long they’ve had their oldest pair of undies. DO realize this doesn't count as "collecting antiques" as a hobby, yeah??!?

Source: USAToday via Dr. Dave


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