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A Must-Have App- SwiftSpace- The Community for Swifties

We hear it from people all the time.. They don’t have any Swiftie friends in real life that understand the obsession, buy into the theories or just want to talk about Taylor Swift in general! That’s just one of the reasons that SwiftSpace is such an amazing app!

We talk to Ben, the creator of SwiftSpace to find out what he had in mind when he made this app. There are so many cool features, like connecting with other Swifties from your Eras Tour concert or upcoming ones that you plan to attend! You can also find Swifties in your area and connect with others that have things in common with you! It’s a must-have app for Swifties and something that you will truly enjoy!

Nick Adams, Amy Nichols and Lacey Gee talk with Ben about all of the great features on SwiftSpace!

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What did we miss? What would you like from us? And what are you the most excited about when we dive into The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology?

And don’t worry! We will hear all about Ana and Ryan Szabo’s Eras Tour adventures VERY SOON!  


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