18 Snakes Discovered In Georgia Woman's Bedroom

Elaphe quatuorlineata –  four-lined snake

Photo: Getty Images

For many people, a Georgia family experienced the stuff of nightmares.

Trish Wilcher shared a public post on Facebook saying that she’s “freaked out” by the number of snakes found in her bedroom.

WSB-TV reports that Wilcher began finding more and more snakes slithering around her Augusta home. Ultimately, she found 18, including babies and the “momma” under her bed.

Wildlife Technician Samantha Kennett spoked with WSB-TV about types of snakes found in Georgia, and what Georgians can do to protect themselves from the ones that can possibly cause harm:

“Wear closed-toe shoes and pants, is a good rule of thumb,” she told the station. “And you can just sweep them out of your house if you see them in your house.”

Luckily, a trapper safely got the snakes out of Wilcher’s house.

But Wilcher isn’t alone — other Georgians have experienced the stress of finding unwanted visitors in their homes.

One family, for example, found snakes descending from the ceiling of their rental home.

Another woman found something different: an exotic cat native to Africa that awoke her by jumping on her bed.

Georgia officials searched for the exotic cat, a serval, after the woman and her husband ushered it out of their home.

The serval was found near Buckhead, and the owner will have to give up the animal because it isn’t legal to keep one as a pet in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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