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2023’s Happiest States in America... RANKED! Where does your state land?

The Happiest States in America: 2023 Report by WalletHub

In a recent survey, half of the Americans stated they are "very satisfied" with their personal life. Reflecting this sentiment, the esteemed personal-finance website WalletHub unveiled its much-anticipated report on 2023's Happiest States in America. To enhance the findings, the report also provides expert insights.

Understanding the Study's Framework

Aiming to pinpoint where Americans experience the greatest life satisfaction, WalletHub's methodology was rigorous. The team analyzed the 50 states utilizing 30 vital happiness indicators. These metrics spanned a broad spectrum – from depression rates and the percentage of adults who feel productive to metrics related to economic well-being, such as income growth and unemployment rates.

The Rankings Unveiled

Here are the top 20 states radiating happiness in 2023:





New Jersey








North Dakota


New Hampshire

New York


South Dakota


South Carolina

Highlighting the Extremes: Best vs. Worst

Depression Rates: Hawaii is leading in mental health with only 11.40% of adults facing depression, a figure that's significantly low when juxtaposed with West Virginia's alarming 29.00%.

Suicide Statistics: New Jersey emerges as a beacon of hope with the least number of suicides, recorded at 7 per 100,000 residents. This is a stark contrast to Wyoming, which sadly tops the list with 32 suicides per 100,000 residents.

Community Involvement: Utah stands out with its remarkable volunteer rate of 40.70%. This sense of community is almost 2.6 times more robust than in Florida, where the volunteer rate is at its lowest at 15.90%.

Stability in Relationships: Utah again shines bright with the country's lowest separation and divorce rate, at a mere 15.46%. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New Mexico faces challenges with the highest rate, a concerning 25.63%.

Deep Dive into the Full Report

For readers interested in delving deeper into the findings, understanding the methodology, or checking out where their state stands in the happiness index, the complete report is accessible right here.

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