Man Speaks Out After Getting Struck By Lightning While Walking His Dogs!

One thing that you probably think would never happen to you is getting struck by lightning considering the National Weather Service says that the odds are one in 15,300. Well Alex Coreas happened to be that one who was struck by lightning over the weekend when he was walking his dogs in Houston. He told ABC that he saw it in the distance so he started walking faster. He ended up getting struck by lightning and it was all recorded, but Alex has no memory of it. He ended up watching the video back where you see a small bolt come out of nowhere and hit the concrete right behind him. He then fell forward and was unconscious on the sidewalk as his dogs ran away.


The first thing he remembers from the situations is waking up in a helicopter where he was told that he was hit by lightning. The only injury he has is a swollen eye because of the way he fell and he ended up feeling the pain from the jolt later on so he stayed in the hospital for four days. He's thankful to the two good samaritans who ran to help save him by instantly calling 911 and another guy who did CPR. Alex has been reunited with his dogs and he's happy they are okay because he considers them his kids.

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